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    Vintage Mid Century Hitachi Radio Stereo Sound System 8 Track SP2812 Ambiophonic

    Rare model, excellent working condition, original speakers and label. Very clean, faux wood and beige plastic has no cracks, minor surface scratches on unit and speakers. Hitachi Ambiophonic stereo sound system with an 8 track player and AM, FM, LW and MW bands. Model SP-2812 made in 1975 in Japan, serial number 30804297. Original 11 X 8 X 8 inches speakers with 66" long retractable wires. Unit measures 19 X 10 X 4 inches. Features: 2 and 4 channels switch, 2X left/right speaker ouputs, left/right auxiliary, left/right recorder out, FM antenna connectors, molded plastic cabinet, silicon epitaxial transistor and IC circuitry, stereo indicator and tuning meter, loudness compensated volume control, manual and automatic 8 track channel change system. Works on standard North American electric outlets. A basic FM antenna (not included, ready to hook on back) may be needed depending on your location.

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