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    Vintage Mid-Century Stromberg-Carlson Transatlantic International Portable Radio

    Rare Stromberg-Carlson Trans Atlantic portable radio receiver model AWP-8. Not functional, requires new vacuum tubes and servicing. Kept original and untouched, from a private collector in Montreal (Quebec, Canada). Radio is clean and complete except for a missing 50A1 ballast tube and the front top lock latch. No broken parts. Measures 17 5/8 X 9 X 12 inches when panels are closed. Weighs 22 pounds. Long retractable antenna and power cord, humidity and temperature meters. It has its original schema of vacuum tubes and batteries required. Connects to standard North American electrical outlets. Radio currently has the following untested vacuum tubes installed: 1L6, two 1U4, 1U5 and 3V4. Only the 50A1 is missing.

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